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Slumil K’ajxemk’ op


Friday 4th March or Saturday 5th March? 


Shamiyaana, 8 Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington N166BN 

Ticket Price £5 in advance. £8 at the door. 

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Contact dged03@hotmail 

Streamed live 



David Goldenberg Collision Chapter 1&2 

Sarah-Athena Nahas – Performative Drawing/site as a production site 

Geoffrey Charles Henry Peacock – sitcom 


We start by asking where is a location for asking questions about what is thinking and critique today to contest colonization and the new neoliberal reality and subject? 

Philosophy and critique at different speeds. Thinking through the body and drives 

Breaking the colonial mind and body, rethinking and reclaiming Neoliberal art and thinking.  

What is thinking today within the financialization of cultural production? And the capturing of thinking and existence by Neoliberalism? What are the options in this new Neoliberal reality for Neoliberal Subjects? 

Thinking outside and beyond colonial thinking and acting. How are actual structural changes implemented? without changing the chairs or changing the faces at the top of the hierarchy?  

Building on, in-between, around and through a work of art  

and critique of Post Colonialism, Art after art, and art at the centre of the Empire 

by Rasheed Araeen. 

A Post Autonomy & ironarts Production. 2022 


Rasheed Araeen is a Karachi born, London-based conceptual artist, sculptor, painter, writer, and curator. He graduated in civil engineering from the NED University of Engineering and Technology in 1962, and has been working as a visual artist bridging life, art and activism since his arrival in London from Pakistan in 19

Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock is the sole collective practice of Dave Smith (based in Holbrook, Derbyshire) and Thom Winterburn (based in London). JCHP Have exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Swiss Institute, New York USA; Free Museum of Dallas, Texas USA; Lanchester Gallery Projects, Coventry UK. Their book “Critical Décor: What Works…” will be distributed through Lanchester Gallery Projects and Banner Repeater, London UK from May 2014. 

Sarah-Athena Nahas was born in Lebanon lives in London. Education: 2013 – 2016 ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts) – BA. Illustration and Comics. 2017-2020 Wimbledon College of Arts (UAL) – BA. Fine Arts: Painting 2020- Royal College of Art. Group exhibitions: 2019 Sandpit – 72-75 Red Lion Street, London, UK. This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Uthink, Burn the Witch – The Safehouse 1, London, UK. 2020 Penultimatum – Copeland Gallery, London, UK. 

David Goldenberg is a London based artist. Exhibited at Tate Modern; Museum of Installation; Deptford X; Tate Liverpool; ICA, Philadelphia, USA; Vanabbemuseum, The Nederland’s; Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland; Kolischerkunsverin, Germany; The National Gallery of Contemporary art, Bucharest, Romania; Sharjah Biennial; Istanbul Biennial; Mongolian Biennial; Venice Biennial; Bodrum Biennial; Odessa Biennial; Caspian Sea Biennial.