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Margherita Gramegna

Director & Co-Curator 51zero

Margherita Gramegna is a UK based Italian artist filmmaker and founder of 51zero organisation, under which umbrella she has generated collaborative artists’ lead initiatives since 2010. Margherita’s focus for 51zero is international cultural exchange; alongside 51zero Festival she produces and curates Voyager’s cross-border projects and touring programmes. She has collaborated with the Medway and Valenciennes International Relations’ Programmes and was involved in European initiatives in Northern France, presenting projects which have won a number of bursaries (Recreate, ICR, a-n, and Arts Council England). In Italy she worked with graphics and later video, following a creative collaboration that led to the founding of ‘Ripetta 9’ artists’ studio in Rome. She has won the Emergendsee prize in 2006 in Berlin and was nominated for the Rouse Kent Award for her public art site-specific projects (Art at The Centre). Since 2006 her film work has been shown in the UK and Europe (Whitechapel Gallery, Southbank Queen Elizabeth Hall, Raindance and Eat Our Shorts Festivals, London; Cannes 60th SFC; Loop Festival, Galeria Parc de l’Espanya Industrial, Barcelona; Zlin Festival, Czech Republic). In 2019 she was invited for a collaborative artist residency at Fondazione Bevilaqua La Masa, with a film exhibited at Palazzetto Tito, Venice.   


First impression 



Jon Fawcett 

Jon Fawcett’s devices, performances and videos are evolved from research into the technical and epistemological extremes of our wider world. A blending of spectral opposites, from secret service activities and precision engineering to new age spirituality and energy fields, his work is part de-romanticised sci-fi thriller, part epic clown act. Its implicit performativity unavoidably involves his audiences in its narrative, asking the question: Is this a fiction, or is this happening in my reality? If so, how does it change it? Such themes expand beyond the individual to the societal, exploring the politics of belief and the nature of freedom. Why do we desire adventure, and what do we seek from it? 

Solo Exhibitions 
2012 Whum and EIR, Tate Modern Tanks, London 
2010 Hearts and Minds, A Foundation, Liverpool 
2005 New Entities, Elastic Residence Gallery, London 
2002 Caught in a Trap, Space Station Sixty Five, London 
2000 Wnetre (Interior), Inner Spaces Centre for Contemporary Art, Poznan, Poland 

Selected Group Exhibtions 
2012 Chekhov’s Gun, g39, Cardiff 
2011 Soundproof 4, Soundproof temporary project space, London 
2011 Occultofest, Ausland, Berlin 
2009 A Few Small Changes, h29, Brussels 
2009 Underground City, Divus, London 
2009 Prospero’s Library, Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania, Italy 
2008 Bad Year Blimp, Alma Enterprises, London 
2007 Future Map, The Arts Gallery, London 
2007 Prospero’s Library, Central House of Artists, Moscow 
2005 Real Estate, ICA, London 
2004 Floatation, Wysing Arts, Cambridge 
2004 Etak, Elastic Residence Gallery, London 
2003 I Am a Curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London 
2003 Performance, Forum Box, Helsinki 
2002 Ancient Futures, Coed Hills Rural Art Space, Cardiff* 
2002 Performance, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool 
2002 Performance, Backup Festival, Weimar, Germany 
2000 Performance, Omsk, 333 Club, London 
2000 Dolce Vita, Inner Spaces Centre for Contemporary Art, Poznan, Poland 
1999 Art in Time, University of the Arts Gallery, Cardiff 

Project Commissions 
2017-19 Infinite Multiple, Westminster Business School 
2012 Whum, Arts Council of England 
2010 Hearts and Minds, Arts Council of England 
2010 Game, Nicholas Berwin Foundation 
2009 Blessor, Nicholas Berwin Foundation 
2007 Wheel, Nicholas Berwin Foundation 
2007 Transformer, Nicholas Berwin Foundation 
2007 Aorist (N), Bonnighton Gallery, Nottingham 
2005 Arc, Fierce!, Birmingham 
2004 CLa, Arts Council of England, London 
2004 Two Questions, Wysing Arts, Cambridge 
2002 Caught in a Trap, Liveartmagazine, London 

Performance Commissions 
2004 No Jones (UPA4), You Are Here Festival, Nottingham 
2003 Bus Stand (UPA3), Anti Festival, Kuopio, Finland 
2003 Imbue (Interior), Live Art Development Agency, London 
2003 Imbue (Interior), National Review of Live Art, Glasgow 
2002 Imbue (Interior), Expo Festival, Nottingham 
2002 There’s No Turning Back, Coed Hills Rural Art Space, Cardiff 
2002 Enchanter 2, Harringwoods Associates (Seven Dials Festival), London 
2002 Imbue (Lance), Triskel Gallery, Cork, Ireland 
2001 Paperworks, Hull Time Based Arts 

2003 Helsinki, Finland, HIAP and Arts Council of England 
2002 Weimar, Germany, Backup Festival 
2002 Cardiff, Coed Hills Rural Art Space 
2000 Poznan, Poland, Inner Spaces Centre for Contemporary Art 


2007 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, London 
2001 BA Visual Performance, Dartington College of Arts, Devon 
1997 HND Sculpture, Carmarthen College of Technology and Art 
1995 Art and Design Foundation, Cardiff College of Art, Cardiff 



Performance, HD video with dual soundtrack (headphones and amplified) (12 mins), print 

Six women, distributed across West London, are simultaneously taken through a hypnosis-meditation, transforming them into a network of broadcasting energy nodes. 

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