Long term projects by invited curators.  

Projects when taken together give the sense of constructing a new building, each exhibition establishing a new floor

Examples of exhibitions that explore the exhibition form and curated projects that use the exhibition form to filter the world and through its optics examine socio political issues, and question and analyse the international and global constituents of cultural power and identity.

Projects that do things differently

The 1st exhibition for this program takes an exhibition curated by David Goldenberg for the Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury University for the Creative Arts, Kent, UK, October 2019, repurpose the project to open out the potential and possibilities that the exhibition alluded and pointed to, As a recycled and expanded exhibition as an artwork.


Date 2019- 21

An exhibition that examines the exhibition form both in terms of time and space, projecting beyond the existing form out into new spaces.


Ready Mades Belong to Everyone

Alexandra Kojeve

Herbert Read

Dan Reece

David Goldenberg

Darren Bader

Natasha Sadr Haghighian

Morag Kiel and Georgie Nettle


Installation shots